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About Us | A Voice for the voiceless
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About Us

A Voice for the Voiceless

We are a group of committed and professional Somalian journalists and friends from around the world who have come together to start the first newspaper for Somalians in exile. The Somaale.com is edited and updated daily , founder and first Chief Executive of Associated Newspapers of Somalia, the publishers of The Daily News.

Foundational Vision

To produce and distribute a newspaper dedicated to freedom of expression and access to information for all the peoples of Somalia, founded on the sacred principles of journalism, fairness and honesty.

To play a role in opposing everything offensive to basic human decency and hostile to peace, in order that Somalia may return to the path of wisdom and sanity, and become once again an honourable nation, governed by honourable people with due respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

News focus

The focus includes news from Somalia as well as life in exile. Because of the circumstances ongoing in our country, the content has a heavy emphasis on politics and human rights. But we also include arts and culture, business, sports, gender and health, issues, social issues and news analysis.

The online version is updated hourly to carry breaking news as well as the same articles carried in the print version. It also features various interactive forums.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe in the basic right of all people to receive and impart information, i.e. to communicate.
  • We believe in the free flow of diverse, accurate and relevant information through mass media.
  • We believe in mass media that is accessible and answerable to the people it seeks to serve.
  • We believe the establishment of vibrant, non-governmental mass media is vital to democracy.
  • We believe those in positions of authority and power should be held accountable to those they are supposed to serve, and that a free media is fundamental to ensuring such accountability.

Our Promise

The somaale.com will be an authoritative and accurate newspaper of record and a reliable source of information to all those individuals, agencies and governments with an interest in Somalia.

A news blackout is dangerous for any society. We will ensure that our coverage is accurate, fair and balanced. We will be accountable to our readers.

We will endeavour to give all viewpoints, and everyone will have the right of reply. In short, we will do everything the government newspapers in Somalia are not allowed to do!

What can you do?

Please send us your stories, news, letters, classified advertisements, ideas, photographs and comments. Please email us  at editorial@Somaale.com.

If you would like to help support The somaale mission even more then please, join the Somaale.com at Facebook



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