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Somalia: Saudi Arabia to Give Somalia U.S. $24 Million in Aid

Somalia: Saudi Arabia to Give Somalia U.S. $24 Million in Aid

May 31
19:58 2013

Mogadishu — The Saudi National Campaign for the Relief of the Somali People has pledged a comprehensive aid package worth $24 million for reconstruction projects in Somalia, according to the Organization of Islamic Co-operation (OIC), which is helping to co-ordinate the funds.

The aid will cover all regions of Somalia and will go towards education, health and agricultural sectors in addition to rehabilitation of displaced persons and all aspects of social welfare, the OIC said in a statement on May 12th.

The scope of the aid package and the involvement of local non-governmental organizations, tribal elders, regional administrations and the federal government in deciding which projects to implement represents a new model of aid delivery in Somalia.

The purpose of the donation is to boost Somalia’s reconstruction through various Saudi-supported programmers and construction projects, which will begin in mid-June, said Mohamed Idle Sabrie, deputy administrator of the OIC’s office in Mogadishu.

About 500,000 people will benefit from the aid money, which will be phased in over 18 months. The first phase will concentrate on projects in Mogadishu, Sabrie said.

Areas with the most urgent needs will be selected first, he said. “At first we want to determine the need in the districts and neighbourhoods we will provide the aid for,” he told Sabahi. “For example, a district [that already has] two schools and a hospital will not receive the same aid as a district with nothing.”

“We will especially help internally displaced persons by creating a resettlement programme for them that will include providing them with food, medicine, education and [other services],” he said.

The Somali government will consult with regional administrations about implementing programmes associated with the aid package, according to Sabrie, and a launch event will be held once the projects are ready to break ground.

“We will hold a big announcement event and we expect officials from the Saudi government, the OIC, and the Somali government to attend,” he said. “Even though the announcement was to be made a long time ago, there was a delay with the arrival of the Saudi delegation due to the May 5th attack on the Qatari delegation, which necessitated ensuring security first.”FD2B5B3A-FCD5-4625-AAC7-3D0F6180D3DC_mw640_mh360_s FD2B5B3A-FCD5-4625-AAC7-3D0F6180D3DC_mw640_mh360_s


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